Lipcheek is a lip balm that  takes pride in using high quality ingredients coupled with  innovation in using only fruit and vegetable derived pigments. All of Liptale’s range of products is based on the philosophy "Beauty without guilt"  Their all-natural products are nourishing and fun, and are packed with natural antioxidant and nourishing ingredients such as natural beeswax and amazingly rich cocoa butter.
For the package design, the brief required a “premium”, original look, but with a hint of fun and carefree. After many experimentations on different packages and materials, this tiny metal tin was chosen for its hard, protective material, but also for its funny look, being so small and easy to use. After having the logo silksceen-printed on it, an extra label was designed, giving the package an even nicer look with hints of red (from the main ingredient, beet, strawberry and tomato) printed on white, rough watercolor paper, for a more natural effect.
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